Bore pump not working

We have just attended a school south of the city who had an issue with the bore pump not working.

On arrival we tested the controller found it was working correctly we then tested power supply found all good. The next stage is to test the pump at the bore head we tried to do this but found the wires had been heat shrunk instead of connected in a junction box. After cutting the wires and testing both end and finding all wires were in good condition and the pump only being 3 years old we cut open the heat shrink to find what can only be described as a desaster waiting to happen. Who ever fitted the pump decided to tape the wires together instead of clamping and heat shrinking. Please see photos below

As you can see the wires have burnt out under the heat.

If the circuit breaker was not working this could of caused a fire

Please make sure your bore electric work mis completed by trained electricians