Excessive water bill

TLC can locate and repair the leaks in your retic system. As TLC are registered waterwise technicians there is no need to call a plumber as we are allowed sign the leak allowance form for you to claim some of your water bill money back as long as your retic is up to industry standards. If your retic is not up to industry standards TLC can bring the retic up to the standard required. You can get the water leak allowance form at:

More than 1 retic station
coming on at the same time

Retic not coming on

Controller screen blank

Fuse in controller keeps blowing

“P” Err on Controller

Water leaking out of
your sprinklers all the time

Water gushing out of the ground

Water not getting to all areas
of lawn or garden bed

Watering days and times:

last number of housescheme watering daysbore watering days add
1Wednesday & SaturdayMonday
2Sunday & ThursdayTuesday
3Monday & FridayWednesday
4Tuesday & SaturdayThursday
5Sunday & WednesdayFriday
6Monday & ThursdaySaturday
7Tuesday & FridaySunday
8Wednesday & SaturdayMonday
9Sunday & ThursdayTuesday
0Monday & FridayWednesday

TLC only use quality parts on all retic repairs

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Water reticulation systems

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Water reticulation systems

Every situation is different as several factors could be causing water reticulation systems to perform poorly. There could be an issue with your water pressure, pipeline or water head. This is why repair services are needed to accurately assess the situation and to have a system overhaul done.

Water reticulation systems can also be made to be fully automated using a quality retic controller.

These systems ensure that each landscape is given the right amount of water without any waste. Automated reticulation systems are also convenient as you don’t have to be home to water your lawn or garden. Even if you are, the automated system continues to take care of all the watering for you.

From minimizing overspray to replacing components for improved coverage, nothing is left to chance. All repairs and adjustments are done to maximize system performance. When you work with TLC Reticulation you can rest assured that your retic system is in good hands.

Landscapes require a reliable source of water to keep their appearance. However, retic systems require proper maintenance to operate at optimal levels. If your retic system is not operated at optimal levels, it could be costing you money and hurting your landscape.

Contact us today for professional repair services on all water reticulation and irrigation systems.

All of our work is guaranteed.