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Below are a few of the common faults with your reticulation. If you can not find the answer below contact TLC and we will give you some free advise

Had a large water bill due to retic leaking call TLC as we can repair the retic and complete a watercorp leakage allowance form so you can claim some of your water bill back

Q-My control box display is blank

a-Check the power is on

check the fuse has not blown

call Tlc

Q-My retic is turned off but water keeps coming out of the sprinklers

a-The solenoid valve has broken – replaced  solenoid valve

Q-I have turned my retic on but no water is coming out of any stations

a-faulty control box-check and replace

broken wire-locate and repair

broken ball valve-replace with new valve

master solenoid valve has failed-replace with new master valve

Q-when my retic comes on some of the stations are not working

a-broken wire-locate and repair

broken solenoid valve-fit new solenoid valve

Q-when I turn my retic on more than one station comes on at the same time

a-solenoid valve has failed on one or more station-locate broken valve and fit new valve

Q-what are my watering days


Sprinkler roster for Perth and Mandurah (Area 3). 1September to 31 May.
Last digit of house number (or lot number if house number is not allocated) Scheme and domestic garden bore users sprinkler roster Domestic garden bore users only: Additional sprinkler day
1 Wednesday and Saturday Monday
2 Sunday and Thursday Tuesday
3 Monday and Friday Wednesday
4 Tuesday and Saturday Thursday
5 Sunday and Wednesday Friday
6 Monday and Thursday Saturday
7 Tuesday and Friday Sunday
8 Wednesday and Saturday Monday
9 Sunday and Thursday Tuesday
0 Monday and Friday Wednesday
You may use your sprinklers once per day on your allocated days,  either before 9am or after 6pm.

If you need more help or advise call 0431248007 or email

once you have used TLC Services Perth

You can have your retic fully serviced during the winter months and pay no call out fee