Large water bill

Are your water bills getting bigger and bigger no matter how much you try to reduce water consumption the bill just keeps getting bigger. One of the main reasons for very large water bills is leaking reticulation a small drip underground can soon add up to a very large water bill and you might never see the leak. One way to check for this is before you go to work make sure every thing in the house is turned off then take a water meter reading or a photo of the meter and when you return home from work take another water meter reading. If your meter has gone up then you have a water leak. Depending on how much the meter has gone up determines the severity of the leak. The next thing you can do is to turn off your retic at the retic ball valve this is normally just in front of your water meter in the ground in a black and green box once this has been done repeat the checks you did on the water meter if you find your meter is still going up then you have a leak on the house water line if you find the meter reads the same then you have a leak on your retic line.

Try to find the leak

1-look for wet spots in your lawn or garden beds

2-check for wet paving

3-check around all sprinklers

If you find your sprinklers are constantly leaking water then the solenoid valve for this station has failed and if you have a master solenoid valve this has also failed and you will need to locate the two solenoid valves and replace them.

If you can’t locate your solenoid valves TLC can locate your master and station solenoid valves for you using our state of the are electronic solenoid valve locators and you can replace the valves yourself or we can replace them for you

TLC Services Perth are waterwise certified this means if you use TLC to locate your solenoid valves and replace them and bring your retic up to industry standards we can complete your leak allowance form so you can put in a claim to the water corp and they will reduce your water bill back to your normal water consumption amount.

To bring your retic up to industry standards you must have

1-a certified non return valve at the beginning of the system

2-a certified master solenoid valve fitted directly to the copper / brass non return valve

3-the master solenoid valve must open and close via your retic controller

If you would like any advise on the above or would like to make a booking you can contact us at or call 0431248007