New wi-fi controller

Hunter Industries

These are the best controllers I have ever used. Simple to set up once you download the app. You can track your water usage and set up instant emails so if you have an issue with a solenoid valve not opening it can automatically email you or us so you dont have to wait until you have dead plants or a dead lawn before you notice it.

You can control this from your smart phone or laptop from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access



Introducing the Wi-Fi-based Pro-HC controller with Hydrawise™ web-based software

The Wi-Fi-based Pro-HC controller with Hydrawise™ web-based software provides you with efficient, time-saving irrigation site management capabilities from anywhere, anytime.

The Pro-HC is offered in either 6, 12, or 24 station fixed indoor and outdoor units. Setup is easy and can be done with a standard web browser or through the Hydrawise app using a wireless password. The controller can also be configured offline. The Pro-HC also offers the ability to use local weather forecasts and set parameters for predictive watering adjustments based on temperature, rainfall probability, wind speed, and humidity. These adjustments offer significant water savings since they are based on local, real-time weather conditions. You are also instantly alerted in the event of a problem in the system, so you can quickly be there when your customers need you most.

With its powerful yet easy-to-use Wi-Fi capabilities, the Pro-HC controller with Hydrawise brings simplicity to irrigation control.