Retic not working

If your retic is not working it will be for one of these reasons below

Control box is not putting power out of the station terminals. If you turn your controller on and it looks like it is working yet there is no water coming out of the sprinklers. You can measure the voltage coming out using a multimeter if there is no voltage then your controller or transformer has failed and will need to be replaced.

If your controller has a plug on it you can do it yourself if it is hard wired to the power supply then is must be done by a registered electrician.

TLC are registered to install controllers and for this we charge from $365 to supply ,fit and set a 6 station controller

If you are getting 24 volts from the terminals then the controller is working and the issue will be one of the next 2 items

Master solenoid valve has failed

To test this you can turn your valve on via the manual switch then turn on your controller if you get water when the controller is on then you know there is an issue with the valve. While the controller is on you can measure the voltage at the master solenoid valve using your multimeter it should read 24 volts if it does then you need to replace your master solenoid valve if it reads below 24 volts then you have a break in your master solenoid wire. You will need to locate and repair the break in the wire or rewire back to the controller or if you have a station solenoid valve nearby you can use the wire to this with a adder station to make the valve work

broken common wire

the common wire goes to every valve in the retic system so if this is broken then one or more of your stations will not work

TLC Reticulation have the tools and expertise to help locate and repair any of these faults or just fault find and inform you of what you need to do to fix the problem

If you have any of these issues above please feel free to email or call for free advice or to make a booking

Good luck with your repairs