TLC Reticulation is an irrigation and reticulation repair services situated in Perth, Western Australia. With years of professional services and experience with a wide range of different landscapes, plants and gardens, we provide a wide range of solutions for reticulations. Moreover, with years of experience in the complex art of the service, we, at TLC, provide proper water reticulation tailoring to each of our clients’ unique needs, using only best quality components in our installations to ensure a high quality build that are designed to be durable, cost effective and extremely efficient.

Understanding the importance of irrigation, which is often unfortunately, regarded as unnecessary, we are able to deliver exceptional irrigation systems in Perth that not only protects your landscape but also helps you achieve a lush lawn and garden. Basic common sense will reveal that in order to have healthy plants one should not only rely on natural rainfall as it is too unpredictable and intermittent to properly nourish your lawn, even more so when many of the plants in the garden are not natural to their environment. Similarly, watering tools will not help you to achieve the desired “healthy” look for your lawn, or low quality installations will consequently damage the landscapes that are supposed to nourish your plants. Unless you’re a horticulturist or a botanist, you may lack the necessary knowledge of watering the plants and ultimately end up watering the plants too much or just not enough.

Just like our body needs the proper strict diet and religiously exercising in order to achieve a desired six-pack body, gardens require different installations depending on the type of irrigation needed; the types of plants in your garden, the overall environment and other considerations. A high quality water reticulation is without a doubt tailored to take all of these unique factors into account. To get the most efficient water distribution for the landscape, we make sure that these systems are built using only quality components specifically designed to your garden requirements. From commercial properties to private households, together with our team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians, we only always use quality components in our installations to ensure a high quality build, striving to deliver exceptional results for all water reticulation system installations. More importantly, these systems are designed to last a lifetime and the benefits are apparently significant.

In order to give full coverage to designated areas in an efficient manner, sprinklers are positioned accordingly, designed to function at optimal levels. A professional reticulation system not only reduces water wastage to a minimum, but water reticulation systems can also be made to be fully automated using a quality retic controller, hence saving precious time and the headache to properly water the plants. Water reticulation systems refer to a piped water network, as this network distributes water accordingly through an infrastructure of pipes that is required healthy and vibrant landscapes. That is also one of the main reasons why low quality water reticulation installations should be avoided to not further damage the plants. Regardless of your needs and environment, for our experienced technicians, no task is too small or too big to tackle,

Coming to a draw, with our experience with Perth irrigation and reticulation services, we guarantee of not charging you anything if we fail to fix an issue or are unable to find a solution, irrigation and reticulation systems repair is designed to ensure that water is delivered in the most efficient and effective manner possible keeping water wastage to a minimum and helping our clients to achieve the most beautiful gardens, parks and vibrant looking landscape in the neighborhood. You can rest assured that your retic system is in good hands by working with TLC Reticulation.